The Pilocarpine commercialized on the international market is an alkaloid extracted from the "Jaborandi" leaves, a species of plant available only in Brazil.

The "Jaborandi" is acquaintance there are several centuries for the Tupi-Guarani Indians, who called it yaborã-di (a plant that makes one slobber). This plant is a bush of the "Pilocarpus" species, natural from the North/Northeast of Brazil, it has light green leaves and grow up to seven feet high.

The Pilocarpine salts are used in the formulation of eye drops to decrease the intraocular pressure for therapy of the glaucoma. It is also used in the therapy of the "induced radiation" xerostomia (dry mouth).

SOURCETECH currently produces and commercializes "Pilocarpine Hydrochloride", "Pilocarpine Nitrate" and "Pilocarpine Base".

The quality control's analytic methods are done following "USP XXIII Edition", "European Pharmacopoeia 2nd Edition" and "British Pharmacopoeia 93 Edition" specifications.


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